We are a multi-generational family seeking to provide quality food to our customers.

Our dream of starting a family farm began after becoming aware of problems with some of the industrial farming methods.  Large multi-national corporations that control major portions of the food supply often put their profit interests ahead of food quality and food safety.

We decided to raise our own food and to know that it is being raised in a healthy way.  We moved to our farm in 2013.

We feed our animals wholesome, natural feed without soy, corn, animal byproducts, and GMO’s. We believe animals that are treated well, fed well, pastured and raised in the sunshine will be happier and healthier. In turn they will provide meat that is healthier for us and has superior flavor and texture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise happy and healthy animals so we can provide you, our customers, with wholesome and healthy nourishment.


From the left: Jessica, Jon, Rob, Carol, and Ellie in front.

Happy Healthy Animals