Escaping Mamma Pigs

Hi Everyone!

Jon and I were out doing the evening chores a few weeks ago. We were using the 4×4, Jon was driving. Out of no where a big black animal was running to the right of me. We didn’t know what is was at first, so Jon was trying to run it over. I start yelling it’s a pig, it’s a pig, it’s a pig!!!!

One of our Berkshire Cross Mamma Pigs, we call her White Face. See her picture below! Her sister Stripe Face also got out. We were lucky to get them back into a pen, just not their pen. The following day we were able to get them into the correct pen!


One thought on “Escaping Mamma Pigs”

  1. Teamwork makes the journey so much easier. You are making wonderful memories and tasty bacon🐖🚜

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