Our 1st Batch of Baby Chicks

Did you know that day old chicks come in the mail? Yes, you read that correctly! They hatch, then they are mailed using USPS overnight. The next morning the Post Master calls to let us know that they are here and to come pick them up.

The yellow chicks are Cornish Cross/Broiler-Meat Chickens. We ordered 100 of them. They will be ready for purchase at the end of May. The black chicks are Barred Rock Hens. They should start laying eggs between 16-20 weeks old.

IMG_20150324_100005060 IMG_20150623_095822227



Auntie Amanda bought this chocolate chicken for Ellie. When we broke it open, it had candy coated chocolates inside. It tasted good! Thank you Auntie Amanda!!


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